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 Psychotherapist  Psychoanalyst  Couple Therapist



Susan N. Finkelstein, LCSW, P.C., is in private practice at 25 East 10 Street, NYC, providing 

psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and couple therapy. 


Choices of how we live our lives and focus our attention can cause us inner turmoil, depression and anxiety. Psychotherapy is designed to help the individual and couple make better decisions in the difficulties we all confront, gain confidence and self-esteem and cope with the inevitable losses we all incur throughout our lives. Through the psychoanalytic process, we develop tools for managing life's many stresses while learning to work collaboratively in all kinds of relationships. Understanding ourselves and the repetitive patterns we all engage in assists us in decision making. Fears and obstacles about our own success and pursuit of satisfaction are taken up and worked through in the psychoanalytic relationship.

M.S. Columbia University School of Social Work; Training and Supervising Analyst and Faculty, CFS; IPTAR Member and Faculty; Member, American Psychoanalytic Association, FIPA, CIPS. 

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